Junior High School Exams 

In the Dickson Plan system, students can find it difficult to maintain their class place. Sometimes, weaknesses in English or maths can pull down their overall score and this can bring additional stress to students and parents.

We provide tuition for your child through Key Stage 3 to help in transition from Junior High to Senior School. In the FREE assessment we can identify areas of weakness in their Key Stage 3 Maths, English or Science and design a package that will help your child to succeed across the curriculum.

Key Stage 3 sessions include:
  • Detailed assessment of your child's needs
  • Past paper practice and exam technique using Key Stage 3 assessment materials
  • Numeracy, literacy or science work
  • Ongoing assessment week by week to ensure no area of weakness is missed
  • Homework to reinforce learning

"My daughter struggled with her maths. I heard about Kip and we decided to try it. Within three weeks she has progressed so much! Her confidence has grown thanks to Jill her tutor. I would highly recommend Kip McGrath to anyone looking for help for their children. They are really dedicated and so helpful. I am delighted with my daughter's progress." 
Ms G, November 2015